Moisturizing Brown Sugar Scrub

Moisturizing Brown Sugar Scrub

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The Moisturizing Brown Sugar Scrub is made to exfoliate dead skin while moisturizing the body, leaving skin polished and refreshed!

Made with three different types of oils and vitamin e, we guarantee that your skin with be glowing and moisturized after just one use.

This scrub is perfect for those who have sensitive skin but still want good exfoliation. The best part is that brown sugar is rich in glycolic acid, which helps with cell regeneration, so say BYE to dull, dry skin & say HELLO to soft and renewed skin!

All batches are handmade in small batches for quality. Texture and color may vary. Separation is natural, we provide a stirring stick with each purchase for you to use if this occurs.

Ingredients: raw cane sugar, medium brown sugar, honey, coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin e, vanilla extract, bergamot essential oil.